Free English and Chinese Spoken Classes at IT-Hub

Today we held the first English and Chinese Spoken classes at IT-Hub. This is part of an initiative, put forward by our chairman Dr. M. A. Pasha, in which 50 lucky students were offered this course free of charge as we strongly believe that if a person is adequately equipped to deal with the changing landscape they will be better suited to take advantage of it.
We all know the immense scope of CPEC and the changes and new opportunities it will bring. This short course will give our students the confidence that they are capable of learning not only a new language but also a little bit about our neighbor’s culture. So that in the event they see a Chinese person they will not hesitate to initiate a conversation and learn about the similarities and differences between our people.
The students were all very receptive and attentive. They learnt a little history of China and the Chinese language and also what makes it so different from English and Urdu. Through the use of Pinyin they learnt how Chinese has 4 tones and each of these can change the meaning of a word drastically. From affection to annoyance, a tone can alter a whole sentence to suit our needs. In a scene not too different from when all of us were learning our first or second language the students chorused together, corrected each other, helped each other and had a few laughs here and there when a pronunciation sounded too much like a sheep bleating!
This is just the beginning in their Chinese journey. With practice, perseverance and learning from a lot of mistakes we have no doubt that these students will be able to speak conversational Chinese by the end of this course.