Game development and design course



is notified that ITHub is offering a free course “game development and design” for its students. In this
course students will learn nearly all aspects of game design and production:
storyboarding, sound design, concept arts, 3d modelling and animation, level design,
texturing, materials, programming, terrain, physics, rendering, and user interface.
Many other advance topics may be introduced. Students will learn the “Unreal Engine”
game engine. And work in multiple games for their portfolio.
The goal of offering this course is to get some very hard working and passionate
students and to build a team that can work with cooperation on different project under
game development umbrella.

Students with no Object oriented programming concepts can’t take this course.

Students have to get a clearance from the accounts office and register online for this course by
the following link. Before the deadline which is 17, Nov 2017

For further information you can contact Mr. Muhammad Imran Javed on email address: