Message from Principal

Dear Students,

Welcome to IT-Hub – the home of Quality Education. An Institute designed for enduring world-class higher education, Professional courses, and corporate training. At IT-Hub, we strive towards excellence, not only in an academic direction, but also in the race of life.  Here, we aim to provide the best possible quality of education in conventional and emerging branches of learning for young and upcoming minds. Harnessing their thirst for accomplishment and giving them a chance at pursuing their dreams in an environment unequaled by any other institution currently in service. These dreams may be academically related, professional or even socially relevant, IT-Hub recognizes the importance of each individual’s strengths and works towards honing them in the best way possible.  We, at IT-Hub, realize the importance of Intellectual capital, ethical responsibilities and importance of theoretical and practical knowledge, hence are devising and implementing the best practices of Knowledge Management to create a learning environment to foster intellectual and personal growth of students, faculty and staff alike.  IT-Hub’s academic programs provide Branded Education, Personality Grooming Programs, & a Trans-Disciplinary Approach which ensures our students success in today’s Knowledge Economies.  IT-Hub has no comparison with any other institution, rather we are different. We teach our students with a global mindset and prepare them to compete in the global knowledge economy. For adopting this futuristic approach, we offer additional market oriented courses, special workshops, and practical activities. Our Personality Grooming Program aims to produce professionals of international standards ready to work in multinational companies. Our Trans-Disciplinary Approach prepares students to get competitive jobs in multiple domains. In fact we are developing our own unique brand, where our graduate will be acknowledged as a quality brand of computing graduates in the local as well as global market. For all this additional support, the students do not pay any additional fee and are just motivated to work towards making a brighter future for them.

Thank you for visiting our website


Dr. Abdul Rehman Pasha