Discipline Regulations

IT-Hub, Sargodha: A Specialized Institution of IT Education

Students Code of Conduct & Discipline Regulations

These regulations, may be called “IT-hub Students Code of Conduct and Discipline Regulations”, are framed to maintain a fair, disciplined, and socially and academically safe environment within the premises of the Institution. To achieve the highest educational standards and quality of education, all the students are required to observe these regulations. If there is evidence that any student has breached or broken the IT-hub Students Code of Conduct and Discipline Regulations, the ‘Student Disciplinary Procedure’ will be used. IT-hub Discipline Committee shall have the authority and jurisdiction to deal with, and decide, all cases of indiscipline, in accordance with the IT-hub Students Conduct and Discipline Regulations.


Every student shall observe the following code of conduct:-

  1. Faithfulness in his religious duties, and respect for convictions of others in matters of religion, conscience and customs.
  2. Loyalty of Pakistan, and refraining from doing anything which might lower its honor and prestige in any way.
  3. Truthfulness and honesty in dealing with others.
  4. Respect for elders, and politeness to all, especially to women, children, old people, Code of Conduct & Discipline Regulations weak, deformed and the helpless.
  5. Respect for teachers and others in authority in the Institution.
  6. Cleanliness of body, mind, speech and habits.
  7.   Helpfulness to fellow-beings.
  8.   Devotion to curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  9. Service of the community.
  10. Protection of the Institution property

In relation to the core activity of teaching and learning, students are expected to:

  • Adopt a diligent and co-operative approach to all aspects of academic life and accept responsibility in creating a supportive educational community in which everyone can self manage their learning.
  • Throughout their period of involvement with the IT-hub, students are expected to abide by the Students Code of Conduct and Discipline Regulations which is based upon respect for individuals, teachers, management, race, culture, religion, background, property and the environment.


Misconduct is a behaviour or act that interferes with the safe functioning of the Institution or of those who study, work or teach in the Institution, or otherwise damages the Institution or its reputation, or constitutes a criminal offence. In the event of a serious breach, criminal misconduct, or where it is believed that the health, safety or welfare of others may be jeopardised by the continuing presence of a person or persons they will be suspended or withdrawn from the Institute’s admissions register immediately.


The students should refrain from:-

  1. Smoking in class – rooms, laboratories, and during study or academic functions.
  2. Using or carrying of alcoholic drinks or other intoxicating drugs, within the University Campus or University Hostels or during instruction, sports or cultural tours or survey camps or entering such places or attending any such tour of camp while under the influence of such intoxicants, or any other University/ College functions outside the Campus.
  3. Organizing or taking part in any function within the Institution or hostel, or organizing any club or society of students or students associations, unions and federations.
  4. Collecting any money, receiving funds or pecuniary assistance for, or on behalf, of the Institution, except with the written permission of the Principal.
  5. Staging, inciting or participating in any walkout, strike, or other form of agitation against the Institution or its teachers or officers, inciting any one to violence, disruption of the peaceful atmospheres of the Institution in any way, making provocative speeches or gestures which may cause resentment, issuing of pamphlets or cartoons casting aspersions on the teachers or staff of the Institution or the Institution bodies, or doing anything in anyway likely to promote rift and hatred among the various groups or castes of students community, issuing statements in the press making false accusations or lowering the prestige of the Institution or writing and pasting posters on the walls.
  6. Bringing, carrying and keeping of fire arms or any other weapon (of any nature/type)forbidden by law, within the Institution’s premises.
  7. Causing damage to the Institution property or government public property.
  8. Use of loud speakers, mega-phones, “decks” in the premises of the Institution.

Any act or behavior that falls under the prohibited acts shall be considered as misconduct against the code & regulation and shall be regarded as a breach of the Students Code of Conduct and Discipline Regulations and shall be subject to a firm action by the Institution administration, which may lead to withdrawal from the admissions register without further notice.

The following actions, whether occurring on Institution premises or elsewhere, are examples of conduct which is not acceptable to IT-hub and may lead to instigation of formal disciplinary procedures:

  • Conduct which constitutes a criminal offence e.g. assault, theft, fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty.
  • Plagiarism, Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, abusing, intimidating or offensive behaviour or language towards any student, teacher or member of administration and management
  • Social, racial, sexual, or any other form of harassment.
  • Misuse, misappropriation, theft or damage of Institution property.
  • Action, likely to cause injury or to impair Health and Safety procedures.
  • Action, likely to cause injury or to impair electrical, electronics, gas and fire safety procedures.
  • Failure to respect the rights of others to freedom of belief and freedom of speech.
  • Behaviour which brings the Institution into disrepute. e.g. such conduct as abusive, anti-social or discourteous behaviour, inconsiderate noise or parking, disregard of the school parking code, causing litter and especially criminal damage to private property, Institution’s signs or vehicles.
  • Disruption of, or improper interference with, the academic, administrative, sporting, social or other activities of the Institution.
  • Obstruction of, or improper interference with, the functions, duties or activities of any student, member of staff, or visitor of the Institution.
  • Misuse or unauthorized use of Institution premises.
  • Failure to disclose personal details to a member of the staff in circumstances in which it is reasonable to require that such information be given.
  • Breaches of any codes or regulations adopted by the Institution (e.g. Library or ICT room learning regulations).
  • Students found violating the Institution study time table shall be dealt with firmly.
  • Students found not wearing the school authorized uniform shall be dealt with firmly.
  • Students must always show respect to the teachers, faculty members, members of school administration and management
  • Students must not interfere in the functioning of the Institution
  • Students must not cheat in examinations, assignments or in course work.
  • Students must respect the property of other people and that of the Institution and its premises.
  • Students must not bring illegal substances onto the Institution premises.
  • Smoking, alcoholic drinks, or other intoxicating drugs are not permitted within the Institution buildings, premises and parking areas and is dealt with firmly may lead to withdrawal from the admissions register without further notice
  • Students must not bring the reputation of the Institution into disrepute through anti-social behaviour either on or off the Institution’s premises.
  • Students must abide by reasonable instructions issued by a member of the Institution’s staff or administration.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed and must be turned off in all areas at all times within the Institution premises and buildings.
  • Male & Female students must not wear indecent dress within the Institution premises
  • Individuals bringing vehicles, cars, motorcycles onto the Institution premises must observe parking and speed restrictions and drive with care and consideration for others.
  • Individuals must abide by the IT Code of Practice.
  • Individuals must abide by the Library Code of Practice

Any behavior or act that contravenes the Students Code of Conduct and Discipline Regulations shall be considered as misconduct and shall be regarded as a breach of the Students Code of Conduct and Discipline Regulations and shall be subject to a firm action by the Institution/administration, which may lead to a fine or to withdrawal from the admissions register.


  • An appeal against the punishment awarded by the Discipline Committee can be made to the Appellate Authority (Managing Director IT-hub).
  • No appeal by a student against the decision of the Institution Discipline Committee shall be entertained unless it is presented within thirty days from the date on which the decision is communicated to him.